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Marketers & Business Owners Double Your Sales, Crush Your Competitors, And Connect With Your Customers For Less Than A Dollar A Day

Here is Rick's Raddatz conducting his first TELE-CLINIC recorded on July 24th 2003. InstantAudio.Com is an amazingly easy-to-use marketing service that helps you put your voice on your Website and in your e-mails.

Use the selling power of your own voice to get more leads and more customers with less effort. Build your relationship with your customers and stand out from the crowd.

Imagine welcome messages, voice-testimonials, low-cost voice broadcasts to mass audiences over e-mail. personalized audio-postcards for follow-ups. The marketing possibilities are endless and economical.

With InstantAudio.Com, you can add high quality recorded audio-clips to your website and  e-mails -- easily and affordably -- with no downloads, installs, or annoying pop-ups.

Purchase decisions ultimately hinge on subjective factors like trust, relationship, and credibility. Customers want to feel a connection to the company they do business with. That's why InstantAudio.Com is such a powerful sales-booster. The human voice connects with customers in a way that text and images can't. The human voice can be professional, fr iendly, credible, or just plain fun. Whatever your sales need, the human voice can meet it.  or use the instant audio players to pay now below.
Total time 63 Min

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